A RELAXING week of Western & English Lessons, Trail riding, and R&R....







One day we were musing about how there
are always a few campers who are so much
fun and so easy to get along with that it would
be fun if they could all meet each other! So we
decided it would be fun to include these riders in
an invitational camp that encompasses lots of great
riding lessons, with a focus towards a show - all the
training needed to participate would be easy to swing
with just the right group - and so a new camp was born!







We did the Invitational camp for several YEARS, and it was a great hit!
At the time, we hustled all week to prepare our campers for our local
horse club, Rocky Hills Show (established 1977) and the girls always excelled!
But we found that it didn't accomplish the one goal we really had envisioned
for this camp - riding hard, but RELAXING and enjoy the horses and their new friends.
So I asked my Inviational Campers themselves, and all agreed, it would be a better
idea to have all the great benefits of Invitational, without the hassle of a show.
Of course, getting a jacket with your name on it, was something we couldn't change!
So, in August, I will contact all the campers that are coming, and we'll get jacket sizes,
correct spelling of names, etc! Even though it's a long time to wait (all summer!) you
will see, it's definitely worth the wait! And for those campers who would LOVE to join
us at Inviational NEXT year, just remember, you have to be fun and dedicated!







So, with invites out and camp filled by fall of the prevous year, you know who you are! We
know you'll enjoy what is always a great experience with like minded riders, at the Invitational!
It doesn't matter if you are a stellar rider - we have horses of all levels, as you already know!
It's about kids who are happy, serious riders who are easy to get along with & fun to be around!

Our Inaugural Invitational Camp, at our Final Show of the Season!











Remember, this camp is NOT JUST ABOUT RIDING HARD.  It's a good
time for the gang, who AGAIN, have their own horse for the week.  The daily
lessons are English and/or Western, geared to your level, and are only part of the fun.
As usual, we're doing the 'cabin' thing, having up to 4 hrs of lessons a day,
but with the great 'end of summer' weather, we can enjoy trail riding more than ever!
(and of course, with a fun group like this, just hanging out with each other is fun all by itself!)














There's the usual camp fare of fun nightly bonfires, flashlight tag,
marshmallow and wienie roasts, and of course wonderful home
cooked meals for three squares a day.    Our camp goal of the week
is not to 'fill in time' on horseback.  We take ALL of our camps very
seriously, and don't overload the camp so we can give our campers
individual attention and make sure they are having a GOOD TIME. 
The broad focus of this horse camp has an excellent flexible format
that gives the best instruction & the most fun - and always POSITIVE.

The campers are always a special bunch, and we think they're GREAT fun!








  It is important that the campers get a super 'end of season' chance
to enjoy the horses, their teachers, and of course, their fellow campers!
And as always, lots and lots of great riding instruction!





The materials needed for this camp are not  extravagant, particularly
in the Western seat, which is boots and jeans, of course!
English riders need breeches and boots, etc, which most of
you have. Many of you ride in both seats, which makes it
even more special, as we can switch back and forth all week
as the mood takes us. And, we're going for 'Invitational Camp Jackets'
again this year - which usually excites the kids, as they ARE AWESOME!







For Western Lessons:

- a pair of boots (paddock or cowboy)
-  a pair of bluejeans (boot cut please)
- leather belt (buckle is optional)
-  BRIGHT button down shirt (long sleeve)
- a pair of gloves (optional)

(and if you have spurs - bring them!)

If you have any questions about what you might
need for your child for camp, give me a call!  I'd be
glad to give you some very gently priced suggestions
towards properly outfitting your camper for western.
Western attire should be tidy, and comfortable.






The most expensive parts of english attire are
the breeches and half chap/boot combination.  Most of
you have them already.   And of course, we have spares!
It's important that your child be comfortable in what they are
wearing, and that they look neat, workmanlike, and tidy.
And, if you want to send along a jump vest for your own
peace of mind, well that's fine too, as we'll definitely be jumping!!









We get a great bunch of fun campers every
year at the Invitational, and we hope you will
consider sending them to this awesome camp -
we look forward to seeing them!   If this one
won't work for your schedule, be sure and visit
the main camp page here and see if there is another
that would work - there's a new schedule each & every year!




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For more information on how to sign up,
please contact

Highland Wilderness Tours
Matt & Penny Nicol, Box 211, Maynooth, Ontario, K0L 2S0
1-613-338-2330  or toll free    1-866-RYD-WILD

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