A week of English and Western Riding Lessons, lots of Trail riding,

and of course, our very own





If your child loves learning about riding,
has a great love of horses, and an interest
in learning to participate in the ins' and outs'
of a small horse show, then this camp is for you! 
Like all of our camps, we put great emphasis
on teamwork, having fun, and keeping things
in perspective, while at the same time helping
our campers to learn and explore the realm of
Horse Shows! Campers will have a choice of
western or english seats, with daily lessons
to teach the children everything they need to
know to participate in a fun show at week's end.
Showing horses is a ton of fun, and any level of
rider can participate in this camp - fun for all!
Pictured is a camper and 'Diesel' tearing through
our barrel pattern at the show - always a hoot!










The English 'seat' is a standard class at many club shows,
and is very popular with young girls.  Those chosing
English will learn how to walk, trot & canter (if able)
with good posture and form, learning how to encourage
their horses to perform their best.  Some of the english
riding classes include

-  English Pleasure
-  English Equitation
-  Trail Class & Mounted Games
-  Command Class
-  Crossrails, Hunter & Jumper classes

English is a great starter seat that teaches students to keep their hands
steady, their heads up, and their heels down! Our advanced riders will
focus on flatwork and jumping higher - some as high as three foot.
And we take great pride in providing top of the line jumps & fillers!
(and the horses, well they're just awesome, even if I do say so myself!)












The Western 'seat' is also very popular, and is
very well represented at club shows.  Those chosing
Western will learn how to walk, jog and lope (if able)
with good posture and form, learning how to show
their horses off with style!   Western is great for those
who like a nice, easy ride at a more relaxed pace.
Some of the western classes include

-  Western Pleasure
-  Western Horsemanship
-  Trail or Handy Horse
-  Command Class
-  Mounted Games


Western is a seat that is often a little easier for nervous or first
time riders, because the saddle has lots of support! More
advanced western riders will move on to more technical lessons.









Camp is supposed to be fun - and social - and enjoyable!

What matters most to us, as riding stable operators and
Ontario Children's Horse Camp Program providers,
is that YOUR CHILD has a good time, meets lots
of friends, learns as much as they can, and has a very
memorable experience. Camp is supposed to be FUN!!

(we enjoy our campers, because teaching is what we do!)









Some of the best fun at a horse show  - showing our
mounts 'in hand'.  The children learn how to make
their horses look their best.  It's fun to see the horses
come squeaky clean and smelling wonderful - and
bathing them is always a hoot!  Properly presenting
their horse to the judge takes some practice, some
confidence (and ELBOW GREASE!) and it teaches
even young children how to manoevre their horses
from the ground - which is an essential skill, for sure!
Putthing their horse together in a pretty picture, is
always fun for kids - it's like having a big barbie doll!

Showmanship & Halter class takes hard work and tons of soap! Kids love bathing horses!









Novice riders are VERY welcome, and we
get lots! But Goin' Showin' is not just for
beginners!  This camp is fun for more skilled
riders who are looking for a fun filled break and
a chance to enjoy a fun show without all the
pressure of the big circuit.  Our friendly, one
on one instruction helps put ALL the campers
at ease & make them feel welcome.  They enjoy
our informative daily sessions, with  3 - 4 hours
of riding per day.  Of course, this camp is also
about HAVING FUN, and going for a hack
(trail ride) is a big part of the shared comraderie!
New friends with a varied range of abilities & ages
enjoy camp, & campers mix well, helping each other
along the way for a really enjoyable experience.

This all girls English & Western camp is always a ton of fun!











Remember, this camp is NOT JUST ABOUT SHOWING.  It's a good
time for the gang, who have their own horse for the week.  The daily
lessons are part of a very thorough, 'upwardly mobile' program.
But, make no mistake, in between, we're camping and trail riding
with plenty of hanging out with each other, and time with their horses. 
Naturally, when the mood takes us, we head to the lake for a dip when
it's hot!  There's videos during 'shower time' ~ nightly bonfires,
marshmallow and weinie roasts, and of course wonderful home
cooked meals for three squares a day.    Our camp goal of the week
is not to 'fill in time' on horseback.  We take ALL of our camps very
seriously, and don't overload the camp so we can give your child
individual attention and make sure they are having a GOOD TIME
on top of learning and honing their riding skills to a whole new level . 
You would be surprised how much children can learn in a week, and
how much confidence they get when working every day with horses.

Jumping is a fun part of camp, with brightly coloured jumps for practice!












Our coaches follow OEF safety guidelines,
& the focus of this show camp are classes that
one might find at any Club or AQHA show. 
At the end of the week, our campers will be
fully prepared to show in the classes of their
choosing, and enter the on site schooling show!
No need to be tense or nervous!  Everyone rides
at their comfort & skill level for their showring
debut, and we provide walk/trot classes for
those who are still working on their cantering.
  It is important that the campers get a chance
to try showing without alot of pressure for their
very first show!    The Schooling Show is
designed as a formal but relaxed 'dry run'
where everyone can get a taste of the experience
~ without freaking themselves out!   Most new
riders take things VERY seriously - and are
usually nervous ~ but by mid-day, everyone
'gets in the groove',  relaxes & enjoys camp!
The kids can also switch back and forth from
English to Western - it's no problem at all!








The materials needed for this camp are not
  extravagant, particularly in the Western classes. 
The English classes do require a few purchases,
many of which can be found at Value Village.
Keep in mind, that if your child decides on
future English lessons, many stables may require
these items, so your child will get plenty of FUTURE
use out of them.  Helmets are supplied by the camp,
or bring your own! We also have a good supply of
western & english boots, some breeches, some half
chaps, etc - so if you are concerned and want to
borrow them, and we have the right size, awesome!

 Who doesn't love having a very special ribbon on their wall?











Outfitting Campers For Western Classes:

- a pair of boots ( ankle paddock boot or cowboy boot)
-  a pair of bluejeans (anything but bell bottoms or flare)
- leather belt (buckle is optional) if available
-  BRIGHT button down shirt (long sleeve)
- a pair of gloves (optional) we always have lots!

If you have any questions about what you might
need for your child for camp, give me a call!  I'd be
glad to give you some very gently priced suggestions
towards properly outfitting your camper for the western
classes.  Western attire should be tidy, and pick clothes
that fit well and can be tucked in - avoid loose or baggy
shirts, and be colorful ~ and you'll be halfway there.







Outfitting Campers For English Classes:

- a pair of tall english boots OR
- a pair of half chaps with ankle boots
-  a pair of breeches or riding tights
-  a collared shirt (short sleeved) OR
- a light weight turtle neck of any color
- english riding jacket or similar
- black gloves (optional)

Pretty much everything can be found second hand,
or often can be substituted by close 'knock off's' from
Good Will or Value Village, for under ten bucks!
(ie if it 'looks' like an english jacket, no one will ever know!)
If you aren't sure, call for suggested tack store shopping
locations near you - or see if we have something in your size!
We usually have enough on hand to outfit even first time riders!
The girls are wonderful & share. I've always got a washerload
on the night before the show, as the kids scramble to be ready.









Our Ontario Goin' Showin' Camp is always a huge hit,
because the kids get to show in a 'relaxed' atmosphere!  
It's the camp that has run the longest of all our lineup of private
Children's Horseback Riding Camps.  We're very proud of the
our little Horse Show, & it will continue to be a permanent fixture!










We get a great bunch of campers every
summer at the stable, and we look
forward to seeing them again!   If you would
like to read more about some of our other
very popular summer camps, return to our
main camp page here and read all about
each and every one of a kind experience!
Or, check us out on Facebook! Just follow
this link to see all our previous camp photos!









With a little help through the week,
our campers will be ready for....


With Western & English Classes including
Walk Trot rail classes all the way up to
2'9" Hunter Jumper classes.....

It's a BIG Event for Campers.
It's their chance to show off
for their parents at weeks' end.
And with plenty of help along
the way, they'll do GRRREAT!










Since she began teaching many
years ago, Coach Penny Nicol
has always had a 'teach up'
platform. None of the usual
'nose to tail' instruction here!
With a mixture of firm and fair,
campers reach for higher goals
and become better riders by the
end of the week. Pushing them
along while using her own brand
of humour, campers get great value
from their camp experience. Penny
coaches up to the Provincial Level,
but has a passion for the horse camps,
which she has developed herself.
We get many comments from parents
who say that their children have come
home not only improved in their ridng,
but with greater confidence and passion.
And of course, lots of new FRIENDS!






So if your young rider is comfortable
around horses, is totally obsessed with
riding, is falls within the experience range
(see main camp page for description)
this horse camp is a perfect solution!
Contact us if you have ANY questions!

Click here for a downloadable application form,
and a list of what to bring to horse camp. 

Follow this link to a page we've made highlighting all the greatest tack stores
just in case you wish to purchase something for your child's summer horse camp
We'd like to help you outfit your campers within budget!


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