Our Horse Crazy Riding Camp for girls is designed for
campers who want more out of English & Western riding!
A superb girls' camp for riders who are just beginning,
this horse camp is for those with an avid interest in
a camp that offers more than crafts and games! This
camp dishes up tons of horse time, tons of riding, and
excellent, high calibre instruction - it's FULL immersion!
We work on proper riding skills, position development,
& stable management & barnsmanship - all covered
in this broadly based riding camp week. Spending lots of
time on horseback will give our young rider tons of great
experience - but with our favorite 'get something done'
schedule & 'ALL HORSES' agenda, it ignites passion!








Our Horse Crazy Riding Camp for girls of EITHER discipline!
All of our fabulous camp horses are beginner friendly and
equally at home under WESTERN or ENGLISH tack! Our
beginners usually begin western, but can switch during the
week if their instructor feels they are safe and secure. If
we have girls who would like to specialize in Western, we
have camp horses with a few EXTRA skills, that will allow
for more advanced Western lessons. Because we split our
riding groups based on experience, and are flexible in our
programming, we can assess each camper and build a camp
program that will move them forward in their riding! We are
all about teaching 'UP' rather than letting students coast.
And THAT is what makes our camp DIFFERENT and a great
VALUE for parents who want more out of their horse camp.









Another great thing about our Horse Camp here near Algonquin
is that over the years, we have developed an INTERNATIONAL
profile! Pictured is Gwen from MONACO, who has been coming
overseas to camp since she was nine! This summer past, we had
campers from Mexico, The United Arab Emirates, Nova Scotia,
France, and Florida! In the past, we've had students from
Israel, Ireland, United Kingdom, California, British Columbia,
and more than I can even recall! What makes that interesting
is that our Canadian Campers can enjoy meeting people from
all walks of life, from all over the world! It's a fun atmosphere to
learn in and with Facebook, campers often become friends for life!
Campers are attracted from all over the world because our program
is a small, hands on, in depth focus on improving riding skills.
With a maximum of ten to twelve campers most weeks, it makes
for a very personal, homey atmosphere, and the training received
is a good value for dollars spent ~ full immersion means full learning!












Riders who have the basics, such as walk and trot, is the minimum
requirement for this camp. A keen interest in horses is the other!
Riders who are comfortable around horses & want to learn, make
for the perfect candidate! This camp features well organized english &
western lessons and extended riding means that campers get VALUE
from their camp experience. We split our groups into riding levels
based on experience, so campers get maximum benefit. Learning
to ride horses safely makes riding more FUN, because knowledge
is POWER!  We welcome youths of ALL riding interests, including
casual riders. Good horsemanship doesn't have to be a mystery!!
And if your camper is a bit more advanced, we split our riding
groups so that everyone can train at the level they are riding.
We even have a wonderful, beginner friendly cross country
course that the kids LOVE to get out and enjoy. This camp is
excellent for youths who want to expand their experiences and
enjoy the beauty of our wilderness farm near Algonquin Park!






Campers will learn to walk, trot & canter, as they train
on our safe and reliable school horses. Riding both in the
ring AND on the trail, the girls ALWAYS enjoy and develop
a special rapport with their very own horse for the week.  Our
riding lessons, while stressing a firm foundation, are presented
in a fun manner which allows the girls to enjoy their horse time.
Our camp horses are FAMOUS for their wonderful temperaments!
Our horse camp follows Equine Canada Guidelines, so between camping
hanging with their new friends, swimming & extendedriding lessons
- what more could a horse crazy girl ask for in a summer vacation?

With 3 - 4 hrs riding daily, this camp is open to riders from Western
and English seat.  Lessons are set up for maximum effect for BOTH disciplines!





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The riding skills learned during their week's stay
allow the campers the ability to really enjoy their
horseback riding, as well as experience a trail ride
or two through pristine wilderness forests.  We often
take young, inexperienced riders out into the woods,
and have always found it to be a very motivating
experience for all levels of rider. Trail riding comes
with its' own set of safety and horsemanship rules
so the girls will get a good taste of what it offers!
Our property accesses thousands of acres of crown land
trails, so the sky is the limit on our trail riding!

Youths enjoy a well designed program covering ALL riding experiences.










Riders can learn to ride English, Western, or BOTH!
Our friendly and experienced coaches are very well
versed on both disciplines, and show actively in Ontario
in both English & Western. All of our horses can do
either seat, being capable at cattle work, OR jumping a
course of up to 3'. We have taken a long time to develop
our wonderful herd of camp horses, and we keep them
year round, so that we have a great ability to match
horses with riders, and lots of selection to choose from!
And, with our new 62 x 120 ' indoor riding arena - we have
even more flexibility for those 'rainy' days. Our tack is
also very high quality, to give the most support possible
to our new young riders. Most beginners come here being
able to walk and trot, and leave able to canter! It's always
fun to see the girls as they progress through the week,
and it's why we love what we do here at the farm!










As with all of our unique programs here at the farm,
the focus is simple - great riding instruction - and FUN! 
Camp offers girls a chance to learn to ride with others
who are horse crazy - but it's also a very social time which
means new friendships!  And what better way to escape
the city?!   While focused on horse oriented education,
there's still plenty of time to swim and relax & bond.
July is hot, but it's never very far to some cool splashing!.











As always, we go for full immersion!  From
our cozy cabin with nightly crackling campfire
in an on farm wilderness campsite ~ to our
nightly ritual of goofing around & relaxing
by a roaring fire or watching a movie
- it's an atmosphere that's proven
itself to be a popular experience!

Relaxing at night and enjoying crispy
marshmallows and comraderie with their new
friends is a feature attraction of all our camps!









Since she began teaching many
years ago, Coach Penny Nicol
has always had a 'teach up'
platform. None of the usual
'nose to tail' instruction here!
With a mixture of firm and fair,
campers reach for higher goals
and become better riders by the
end of the week. Pushing them
along while using her own brand
of humour, campers get great value
from their camp experience. Penny
coaches up to the Provincial Level,
but has a passion for the horse camps,
which she has developed herself.
We get many comments from parents
who say that their children have come
home not only improved in their ridng,
but with greater confidence and passion.
And of course, lots of new FRIENDS!









This camp is not just about expanding riding skills. 
It's not just about spending countless hours of practical &
educational hands on time working with our equine friends. 
Our years in the business have shown us that campers enjoy
spending quality time just hanging out with a horse & their
new pals.  There's always something to learn, even in the quiet
hours of the day.  And of course at sunset, what matters is that
every camper enjoys their time here at the farm.  We're a small
camp that focuses on quality learning time AS WELL AS one on one
time.  Our campers come from everywhere - from English to Western,
everyone mixes well and enjoys the experience.  Camp is a horizon
broadening experience, and often, campers return yearly to try
another of our TEN camps, with many a lasting friendship formed.

What matters most - enjoying quality time with a horse & new friends!







So if your young rider is comfortable around horses, is totally obsessed with
riding, is comfortable at walk and learning to trot (or canter) and is keen on learning a
more in depth focus on horsemanship & equine skills - this camp is a perfect solution!

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Click here for a downloadable application form,
and a list of what to bring to horse camp. 

Follow this link to a page we've made highlighting all the greatest tack stores
just in case you wish to purchase something for your child's summer horse camp
We'd like to help you outfit your campers within budget!


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