Then our 'Jump ' Camp is right up your alley.


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Our summer horse campers have been asking us
for a Horse Camp with lots and lots of jumping -


Our summer horse campers have always
loved our jumping program and so do we!
Riders with basic to intermediate jumping skills
can develop their riding skills to a new level
in a relaxed atmosphere! The theme of the week
is jump, and jump we shall. The week begins
with skills assessment, and we cover flatwork,
small jumps, and canter work. Then, as the
week progresses and our campers become
relaxed & gain confidence with their horse
we go on to develop a variety of related skills.
This camp is for NEW jumper riders who are
comfortable jumping crossrails from a trot,
to Advanced riders who are already jumping
with confidence. Jumping well takes YEARS
to develop and this summer jumping camp
is designed to build confidence & form while
giving ALL levels a GREAT week of jumping.
Classes will be SPLIT according to level, so
that everyone can work in their comfort zone.

Camp is geared towards all LEVELS of JUMPING.











Horse Camps in Ontario are sometimes
just a 'stay in line' sort of enterprise,
where beginners are the focus and there
isn't a whole lot for Intermediate and
Advanced riders. NOT OUR CAMP!
With the right horse match, & in their level,
a young rider new to jumping can be quite
comfortable in our camp program, and we
have the horses to do it! Our advanced
riders will appreciate having their OWN
group, where they can 'stretch their legs'.
You'd be surprised what all these riders
will learn in a week during our program!
The girls even get to try western on the trails!











Learning to Jump = FUN for DIEHARDS!

Our facility has a full range of jumps and fillers,
and a large 240 x 130 sand ring, which we make FULL
use of during camp. Our horses are friendly and talented
beasts that fit MANY levels of rider, and we do our very
best to get a good fit so that our campers can relax and
enjoy the camp and it's many benefits. Jump Camp
includes segments on building and designing varioius
courses, developing an eye for distance & good form,
& other very helpful lessons, with the goal of improving
their skills WHILE totally enjoying themselves!
And while there is no show at the end fo the week, we
do plan on having a fun filled but gruelling week of
work planned for our campers. We aren't your run of
the mill, 'garden' variety camp - we RIDE and I mean LOTS!







Our horses are great gentle characters whom the kids really love!

Our horses have been at this a while, and
are easy mounts that will encourage your
camper to spread their wings. Having the
right horse can make the difference! It's
very easy to see our trusty horses are
pretty used to their summer job!














Flatwork - Fun and Challenging

From a proper warmup and cool down to
rhythm and balance in harmony with your horse,
we cover all the basics to encourage proper riding
technique in preparation for jumping. Because
everyone needs to know that the quickest way
to a good jump is through proper flatwork!
Our campers will enjoy it, and the basics will be
moulded into something fun and easy to learn
so that our campers (and the horses!) will benefit!













The key to jumping is keep
it simple. When riders are
performing at a level that is
comfortable for them, things
always go more smoothly.
That's one of the benefits of
our personal spin on camp
- we keep things in the comfort
zone! Every year we get campers
of differing talents and expertise,
and all our campers, from
rising stars to talented beginners
are dished up a program that
keeps things fun and interesting!
Everyone gets to ride at their own
level, in a group suited to their comfort.






There are a variety of lakes close to the farm,
and we have an 27' pool for convenience.
After getting warmed up in the ring or on the
trails, our campers can splash & cool off,
enjoying some downtime from riding.
We have a nice spot on the deck with
flowers and seating so everyone can 'hang'.





As always, we go for full
immersion!  From our cozy cabin
with nightly crackling campfire
in an on farm wilderness
campsite ~ to our nightly ritual
of goofing around & relaxing
by a roaring fire or watching a
movie - it's an atmosphere
that's proven itself to be a
popular teenage experience!
There's room for everyone
in this spacious cabin - but
no fighting over the couch!

Relaxing at night and enjoying
marshmallows is a main attraction
of all our horse camps!





So if your young rider is comfortable around horses, is totally obsessed with
, is comfortable at walk trot AND canter, is ready to start some
jumping and is keen on learning a deeper focus on what it takes to jump well -
this horse camp is a perfect solution! Contact us if you have ANY questions!

Click here for a downloadable application form,
and a list of what to bring to horse camp. 

Follow this link to a page we've made highlighting all the greatest tack stores
just in case you wish to purchase something for your child's summer horse camp
experience.  We'd like to help you outfit your campers within budget!

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For more information on how to sign up,
please contact

Highland Wilderness Tours
Matt & Penny Nicol, Box 211, Maynooth, Ontario, K0L 2S0
1-613-338-2330  or toll free    1-866-RYD-WILD

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