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Then our Spring Into Summer Camp is the perfect HORSE CAMP for your rider !

Best of all, it's suited to all ages, all abilities, and all rider types!

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So what is 'Spring Into Summer' Camp'?

This, our first camp of the year, is all about getting OUT OF SCHOOL
and ON A HORSE! It's a general all around program, which includes
both English and Western riding lessons (riders' choice) and great
trail rides to top off our busy day. We will of course, as always,
give excellent riding instruction at ALL levels. This camp is perfect
for anyone who is Rookie or Advanced, or everything in between!
That is because we split our riding levels into different groups!
Advanced riders train with 'The Boss' in the big ring, and Rookies
work with our assistant trainer in the indoor riding ring,where
it's safe to learn and there aren't alot of distractions. And of course
we ALL get together in the afternoon to either do some games,
or hit the trails to enjoy an mazing wilderness trail ride!
Our horses are amazing animals and do really well in both
English AND Western riding lessons - the kids LOVE them!

Good riding begins with good instruction!












What 'seat' do they ride in at camp?

This is a multi-discipline camp, which means that the girls get
to ride English, Western, or BOTH! They can switch back and
forth throughout the week, or, if their riding level suits one or the
other disciplines, they can stay in that seat. It's all about comfort!
Sometimes, our beginners start western and graduate to English.
And our English riders may want to Jump in English, and trail ride
in a Western saddle (good for our hilly terrain) It's all about choices!
One thing that DOES stay the same is their HORSE. They get to keep
the horse they are on for the whole week, and make it 'theirs'!















Western for a bit of fun!

Riding Western is probably the most attractive riding discipline
for young girls, simply because most young riders love the thought of
relaxing, enjoying, and letting their hair down! Western is FUN!!
So Western riding at camp is a camp geared towards kids who want to
learn good all around riding basics, spend lots of time learning and training,
and by weeks' end, become more comfortable riding English or Western.
Good riding takes LOTS of practice, and even our ADVANCED western
campers will even find something of value, riding in our advanced group.
And of course it wouldn't be as much fun without our NEWBIES!














English is always a HIT!

Our daily lessons for campers are taught in one
of our two arenas, under the guidance of our
instructors, and are put into groups for their
level. Three to four hours of riding per day will
quickly improve riding skills! Everyone gets their
own horse for the week, and kids learn to be
'independent' so that with a bit of help along
the way, by weeks end they are able to groom
and tack their own horse, and ride with more
confidence and pride than they ever imagined!

Practice makes Perfect!










Spring into Summer camp of course, will include some jumping!
From beginner level jumping to advanced course work, we've got your camper covered!
Our friendly horses and gorgeous fences are there for the avid riders who are capable
and ready for the 'jumping' portion of our camp. Again, with the levels split to accommodate
all riding levels, we can expand riding skills to a whole new level, no matter what their experience.









Yes, it's for beginners too!

As a coach, I thoroughly enjoy seeing the small fry's
improving their riding. Our camp is a great stepping
stone to regular lessons, or a great addition to them!
Horses love good riders too - because riders are better
able to communicate, and horses really do love precision.
Riding well is the result of hard work - and a week here
really encourages even young students to work hard and
have a strong focus on being a skilled, independent rider.
Kids love structure, and with a strong program, progress
becomes easier. There isn't a child in the world who doesn't
see the quick benefits of learning to ride with good basics.
Our program is definitely a good camp for hard workers!

Spring Into Summer Camp is
very suited to young riders.














Dressage? At Camp??

From a proper warmup and cool down to
learning suppleness, impulsion and rhythm, we
cover all the basics to encourage proper riding
skills & technique with some focus on dressage!
Presented in a fun & interesting format - dressage is
something that everyone can enjoy! In fact, the best way
to a good jump is through dressage. Our campers will
enjoy their riding and the basics will be presented in a
way that is fun & easy to learn - confidence building,
so that our campers (and the horses!) will benefit!
It's not as hard as it sounds, and it has huge benefits!










Fun for All Ages, and All Levels!

Whether your daughter is ready to learn
to canter or just starting to trot, we've got
something for them. We've taught beginners
and they always seem to really relax and enjoy
the quiet horses and the quality facilities.
We've put alot of smiles on little faces over
the years, and we've got the horsepower to do it!


A young lady's FIRST canter - on our trusty 'Cowboy'










A typical day at Camp

After grooming & tacking in the morning, campers head to the
ring for a two hour lesson. Lunch is followed by an additional
1.5 to 2 hrs in the afternoon, and on some days, just a pleasant
afternoon hack out on the trails. Then the kids take care of the
horses and turn out, with lots of pats and apples during the process!
Our barn set up means virtually no chores, so the kids get lots of
quality time with their mount, then kick back and relax in the pool!

Everyone loves relaxing on a hack now and then, as you can see!









The ultimate goal - ENJOY riding WELL.

Learning to ride well takes time. Confidence
comes from repetition and learning proper
balance, and to have an 'independent seat'
(riders using their bodies without losing balance)
and we're very good at keeping kids motivated
and expanding their skills. Steering and control,
proper use of the aids, and correcting those little
bad habits that pop up along the way - riding
can be a passion that lasts a lifetime - and going
to camp shouldn't just be about 'putting time' in
on horseback. We firmly feel that their week here
should be a time to learn, and improve riding skills.
We love watching our students progress, even though
they are here for a short stay. Campers often come
back year after year, and it's so much fun to see them
year after year, and be a part of their improvement!












Since she began teaching many
years ago, Coach Penny Nicol
has always had a 'teach up'
platform. None of the usual
'nose to tail' instruction here!
With a mixture of firm and fair,
campers reach for higher goals
and become better riders by the
end of the week. Pushing them
along while using her own brand
of humour, campers get great value
from their camp experience. Penny
coaches up to the Provincial Level,
but has a passion for the horse camps,
which she has developed herself.
We get many comments from parents
who say that their children have come
home not only improved in their ridng,
but with greater confidence and passion.
And of course, lots of new FRIENDS!









There are a variety of lakes close to the farm,
and we have an 27' pool for convenience.
After getting warmed up in the ring or on the
trails, our campers can splash & cool off,
enjoying some downtime from riding.
We have a nice spot on the deck with
flowers and seating so everyone can 'hang'.










Of course, like all our camps - there is plenty of riding time!

Our horses know the ropes, and are well trained and
friendly critters that are safe for all riding levels.
Our camp is one that focuses on lots of riding time,
because kids love to ride - no crafts here! It's
all about the horses and that's how our campers
progress so rapidly in their riding. It's been said
many times to us, by parents, that their kids came
home from camp with more confidence, new focus,
and much improved riding skills - it's because we










As always, we go for full
immersion!  From our cozy cabin
with nightly crackling campfire
in an on farm wilderness
campsite ~ to our nightly ritual
of goofing around & relaxing
by a roaring fire or watching a
movie - it's an atmosphere
that's proven itself to be a
popular teenage experience!
There's room for everyone
in this spacious cabin - but
no fighting over the couch!

Relaxing at night and enjoying
marshmallows is a main attraction
of all our horse camps!





Click here for a downloadable application form,
and a list of what to bring to horse camp. 

Follow this link to a page we've made highlighting all the greatest tack stores
just in case you wish to purchase something for your child's summer horse camp
We'd like to help you outfit your campers within budget!


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