(straight from the horses' mouth!)

'Charlotte' from Eventing Camp writes ....

Thank you very much for the incredible riding camp. I had an amazing time! Mack was amazing.
He was just right, not easy but not incredibly difficult and his stride and jump is much bigger
than what I am used to but it was a great experience. The other campers were very nice and
welcoming! I really enjoyed playing President and listening to the dogs howling at night. The
food was extremely good, very filling. I think my riding has really progressed and I will strap
my lower leg to t hat girth! (joking) It was a great experience and I really hope I come next year.

'Paige' from March Break Camp writes ....

There was always a variety of food at camp and it was delicious! (and you know what a picky
eater I am!) I don't remember anything but fun at the table. That's what made camp so great!

'Julie' from Invitational Camp writes ....

I had a great time at camp this year, it was definetly the best week of camp yet! Thank you for everything,
escpecially for bringing us to the show. Hopefully next summer I can come to more than just one week.

'Ann' (a mom) whose daughter went to So You Want a Horse

Thank you for taking such good care of our daughter, Elizabeth. She loved your camp experience
and mentioned that she would like to go again next year! She mentioned a Hunter/Jumper session
that you thought she would enjoy. Please forward your next summer schedule so we can look into
booking Elizabeth for one or two weeks. Thanks again!

'Sandy' who attended Mother Daughter Camp with daughter Maya

Thanks for the pictures! Maya and I had a great weekend. She was telling me this morning that
she wanted to return next year. I love the comments associated with the pictures. Thanks for a great
time this weekend. Hopefully we'll be seeing you and Matt again in the future.

'Angela' whose daughter attended the Hunter Jumper Camp

Penny, thanks for the awesome show, we enjoyed it very much. Most of all thanks for a great camp,
it made Shannon's summer...the memories are worth a million!

'Tracy' whose two sons attended the Co-ed Western Horsemanship Camp

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the great week for the boys. They had a fabulous time and learned
so much. They're already talking about coming again next year! Dawson thought the camp was awesome and
loved learning to trot and Benjamin was really happy with his riding and learning to lope. He said of the four
camps he has been to he learned the most this year! Apparently the spaghetti was awesome!

'Michelle' whose daughter attends camp year after year

Penny, you run a great camp, the kids love you, and that's that.

'Sue' whose daughter came to So You Want a Horse

I Just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Anna. She had a super time at your camp and loved every minute
of it. I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciated getting the updates and pictures. It is sooo nice to hear what is up and
see pictures of her riding and having so much fun. This makes your camp unique and I want you to know that it means alot
to me as a parent as it makes me feel secure, especially being that it is a new camp and most won't allow any communication.

'Emma' who attended the Eventing and Dressage Camps

Firstly, I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing two weeks. I have been to many other camps, most being for
horseback riding, and I can honestly say that my two weeks at HWT was the most fun I've had at any summer camp.
You are by far the best riding coach I have been able to work with, and with yours and Katie's help, I feel that in just
those two weeks, I improved so much. After looking back at all the pictures you too, I noticed that my position improved
tons, especially over fences, all thanks to your excellent coaching. Also, I felt alot more confident while jumping, something
that I've had problems with ever since I started. Thanks again!


'Ray' who came Public Horseback Riding with us in the summer

This is just a short note to say Thank You once again for the efforts you and your husband put into taking us out for a trail ride.
We were just looking at some of the pictures that were taken and it prompted me to write you a note. You were wonderful! We hope
to be back. I think one guy is talking about bringing his family this winter to go for a dogsled tour.


'Rhienhart' from Germany, who came Dogsledding and Snowmobiling with us.

I am very happy that I had this dogsledding experience in your place an d I liked it very much - it was my first dogsledding
experience. Especially I liked the idea that everybody had it's own sled. I hope that at some time I will have the opportunity
for dogsledding again. I think the tour was organized well. The brake on the sled allowed the pace to be controlled. I th ink it
was good for me that I do alot of cross country skiing - so I could keep good balance and felt safe on the trip. So thanks again!


'Katie' who attended our Everything Camp

So anyways, I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for camp this year. It was an awesome time! :0) I can't wait until next
summer, I'm trying to convince my mom to let me come for two weeks (if she'd let me come for three, I would!!) So once again,
thanks a TON for camp! I can't wait to see you and the horses again next year!

'Theresa' one of my students, writes ....

I had a great time helping you guys out this weekend and I am so glad to have you two in my life.
Penny you are a great trainer, Matt you just make me giggle aside from a few other things. Thanks!