We are all being challenged in ways we never thought possible, but now is the time to come together.  What does that mean for SUMMER 2020?

Trail Riding near Algonquin Park. Dogsledding, Snowmobiling Tours, & Public Riding Stables. Horse Camps & Equestrian Programs near Algonquin Park, Ontario. Close to Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Orillia, Kingston & London

From Matt & Penny

MAY 23 , 2020

Trail Riding & Public Riding Stables. Horse Camps & Equestrian Programs near Algonquin Park, Ontario. Close to Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Orillia, Kingston & London



Let me start by reassuring everyone that our animals are doing GREAT, and we are managing just fine.  I think the horses & dogs are the only beings on the planet who are totally unconcerned. I hope you have all been managing as well.  Here’s our thoughts ON SUMMER 2020.

  Ontario has finally relaxed restrictions, and we are OPEN!  A few families have joined us for our PRIVATE tours, which are all we are offering at this time.  Because families can feel safe, and relax and enjoy some one on one time while experiencing the wilderness! AND BEST OF ALL, there is no additional cost for a private tour.

Matt & I have been in the Riding Stable business a LONG time.   We have and always will HANDS ON daily, and always proactive & conscious of customer health.  We will continue to develop effective guidelines.

 We have always been very careful with our customers, but even more so with Covid.  We have developed a very stringent policy and it’s been making our customers feel safe.  Read on four our safety protocol!

WE are no offering :

COVID PROTOCOLS for customer safety

Public trail riding for small PRIVATE groups 

Private riding lessons for all ages

Family discount private lesson packages

MAX 8 students DAY CAMP


(when short term rentals open) 


Horseback rides may be paid by e transfer prior to the ride, or interac or credit card TAP.  We cannot accept cash in 2020, because washing it is very time consuming & we want to focus on the customers


Our check in is now outside, at a washable cafe table and chairs.  Hand sanitizer is available, and pens and a washable plastic clipboard is used for waivers.   Social distancing x 2 (we stay twelve feet away, not six) and we do not touch your horse or tack once things are sterilized.

 We have increased mounting block size, to make things easier for customers.  This should minimize aerosolization issues upon mounting and dismounting

Trail Riders will be be required to bring a mask or bandana to ride.  It is ONLY needed for mounting and dismounting.   This helps keep our staff safe when mounting and dismounting (as horses are all held by staff for this activity). In addtion, our staff will ALSO be wearing a mask during the mounting and dismounting process. While your horse is held for mounting and dismounting, staff stay at the very end of an eight foot leadrope, which increases the safety for everyone. 


Between rides, all tack surfaces will be sanitized with bleach, soap, and/or alcohol, and horses from ears to withers will be sprayed with 70% alcohol mist. During busy periods, all tack in the barn will be STERILIZED nightly using OZONE Technology, which gets into every crevice AND kills ALL pathogens/viruses.  If you have questions about OZONE STERILIZATION, read this pdf or contact Penny with questions.  It’s proven to be very effective against SARS COV & EBOLA viruses, allergens, and bacteria. 

To increase margins of safety further, we are following up DAILY with a proven virucide on all high traffic barn surfaces. Trail riders never enter the barn, so this is a non issue, however the outhouses are available for use and will be sanitized after each use with a virucide.

There will be hand sanitizing stations at the barn and check in table.  Hand sanitizer will be provided to all customers as needed before and after the tour. However, we think it may be useful to have a small pocket size for yourselves if you have access to some and it increases your comfort level.

We have assessed the first rides and made sure we covered all the bases, from sanitizing reins and saddles between rides, as well as the mounting block and any other areas that need to be touched by customers.  We are happy to say the ride is virtually contactless and takes place 100% outdoors, with plenty of spacing for everyone’s comfort.

Penny has a history in nursing, so being proactive and thinking strategically about cross contamination comes naturally.  The safety of the staff AND the customers is of utmost importance! If these steps seem a bit excessive, look at it as us protecting YOU so that you can come and ride with confidence.


While on the property, social distancing will be monitored by all helpers.  During the trail riding instruction, all customers will have a designated space to stand that has the required spacing.  On the ride, it’s already practice that horses keep at least one horse length (twelve feet) apart, so nothing new there!  Also, as you prepare to begin, and to depart, please be mindful of the spacing rules, as it will be enforced.


Trail riders will be able to use their own footwear this year, as we have gone to tapaderos, which allow for any footwear EXCEPT sandales/flip flops. Between rides, all helmets will be sanitized.  Also, please review safe handling of masks online, before riding.


Everyone wants a photo, right?  Since cameras cannot be passed around, Penny will take a group shot at the end of each ride and email it to you right away.  You are also welcome to take phone cameras with you, however be sure you have a safe place to stash it on your person, as pommel bags will not be in use this year due to sanitation.  You don’t want to drop it, so you’ll have to take that into account when planning. There is also an option for photos after the ride once you are dismounted, as staff can hold the horse with their long lead, if you can get a family member to take some shots.


We know a lot of customers plans will be last minute this year. To accommodate this, we will be putting a schedule together that will make it easier for you to know what ride times we have.  Stay tuned for our 2020 trail riding schedule. Don’t be afraid to write with any questions, we are here to help.

 Because we are a small business ALREADY set up for a small trail riding program, we have FLEXIBILITY. Keep in mind, because smaller rides are easier to control therefore are safer rides, this year we will stick to a maximum of four to six people per ride, with familial groups ONLY (no mixed rides this year).  Yes, we can do couples.  Minimum two riders per trip, sorry. We are all concerned about safety, but together we will safely navigate the situation and everyone can enjoy being with gorgeous animals and forgetting about Covid for a while.   At these troubling times, we need to work TOGETHER and think FORWARD!

Looking forward to seeing you this summer.  If you would like to read more about our DAY CAMPSRESIDENTIAL HORSE CAMPS or TRAIL RIDING, click here. If you would like to see more about our other  YEAR ROUND TOURS, see our main page.  And check out our  CABIN RENTALS! 

ontario trail riding stables near algonquin park

Right now, we have to find ways to enjoy ourselves with distance.  These cabins are FAR apart, so distance is no issue!  You won’t see your neighbours, all you will see is wonderful, private, PEACEFUL wilderness.  And Amenities in a small sleepy town of Maynooth include Liquor Store, Bank Machines, Gas, and Groceries (with curbside pickup!)  There’s even a nearby lake for swimming, several local beaches, and rolling hills to bike at your leisure.

Trail Riding & Public Riding Stables. Horse Camps & Equestrian Programs near Algonquin Park, Ontario. Close to Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Orillia, Kingston & London


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –  Henry Ford

Hoping to see you this summer, when we can look in the rearview mirror together – PENNY NICOL