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We are all being challenged in ways we never thought possible, but now is the time to come together.  What does that mean for this summer camp season?

Trail Riding near Algonquin Park. Dogsledding, Snowmobiling Tours, & Public Riding Stables. Horse Camps & Equestrian Programs near Algonquin Park, Ontario. Close to Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Orillia, Kingston & London

From Matt & Penny

July 1, 2020

Trail Riding & Public Riding Stables. Horse Camps & Equestrian Programs near Algonquin Park, Ontario. Close to Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Orillia, Kingston & London



Let me start by reassuring everyone that our animals are doing GREAT, and we are managing just fine.  I think the horses & dogs are the only beings on the planet who are totally unconcerned. I hope you have all been managing as well.  We’re organizing  2020 Programs – here’s our thoughts.

  At the moment, we are OPEN FOR TRAIL RIDING AND LESSONS, and following all the Health Canada guidelines. In fact, we exceeded their guidelines and the Public Health Unit was very satisfied when we spoke last week.  We have contacted them about our Super Sessions program, and with the recent approval of Health Canada to run Horse Camps as DAY programs, we are getting revved up to give your kids a fun program!

  We have been in the Riding Stable Business a LONG time.  That means we already have significant measures in place to keep barn areas clean and sanitized, and to keep ALL customers protected.  Penny has a background in nursing, and thus is very up to date with protocols. Read on to see some of our protocols to protect you, our customers, and our staff.

  We have safe practices in place already, have been running trail rides successfully and with almost zero contact, and we are confident that our summer program can be safely done.  If you can’t make it to a Super Session, contact Penny for a lesson or a trail ride!



Camp payment will be by cash or e transfer at drop off.  If you use cash, which is totally fine, just put it in a ziploc with your name on it and we have a can on the entrance gates where you can leave your funds safely and without physical contact. 


The temperature of each student will be taken every morning at start up, by temporal lobe thermometer.  This is overseen by Penny. 

Students will be be required to bring a mask or bandana to camp. A bandana is preferred but either is acceptable. This will be used primarily when social distancing is not possible, although we will be planning our schedule to minimize these times as much as possible. Masks/bandanas will also help keep staff safe when mounting and dismounting the students (as horses are all held by staff for this activity). When riding, bandanas can be left around their neck, provided they are not a safety risk (ie, light enough to break away)

Our stalls have been modified into 10 x 8 box stalls, so that all campers can be spaced apart approximately 10 feet OR MORE.  We also have the ability to open the entire side of the barn, increasing air circulation if necessary. We will be separating all stalls and working areas for maximum safety.  Student tack and supplies will have a sanitation protocol, the details depending on rider numbers. Riders will wear their bandana (or a personal mask) when coming and going from the barn.  The way we have set up the program means they do not travel through the barn, they stay mainly in their own stall area. Helpers will be available to minimize in  movement. Riders who have trouble with tolerating masks can groom OUTSIDE, with a min of 10 feet between their horses. 



Riders will use only ONE set of LABELLED personal use Tack for the week, which will be sanitized at the end of every day. SPECIAL attention will be taken to prevent any cross contamination of tack or grooming items.

To increase margins of safety further, we are following up DAILY with a proven virucide on all high traffic barn surfaces.  Riders will learn to clean and oil tack every day, because thankfully, soap is effective against Covid. Our outdoor toilet is very open and clean, and will be sanitized as it is used, for maximum safety.   

There will be hand sanitizing stations available wherever riders will be working.  Hand sanitizing will be supervised by Penny & enforced by the staff at all times.  We recommend you send a hand sanitizer with the campers lunch. Hand washing will be a priority and there will be stations set up outside.

Penny has a history in nursing, so being proactive and thinking strategically about cross contamination comes naturally.  The safety of the staff AND the students is of utmost importance!


As stated, while in the barn and daily work areas, social distancing will be minimized where possible and monitored by all helpers.  This summer, we are taking a maximum of eight students.   This allows for smaller lessons and easy social distancing.


Students will be responsible for having all their own gear this year, due to the potential for cross contamination. That includes helmets, jeans/breeches, cloth gloves, and riding boots. There are inexpensive kits available at Greenhawk. We do have some from previous years and would be happy to gift them to you if you are in need and we have your size.



We know a lot of parents plans will be last minute this year. To accommodate this, we will be accepting Super Session applications up to the last minute in weeks which have spaces. See the Super Sessions page for information.

 Because we are a small business ALREADY set up for a small riding programs, we have FLEXIBILITY. We will do our best to accommodate everyone as best we can.   At these troubling times, we need to work TOGETHER and think FORWARD & POSITIVELY.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer.  If you would like to read more about our SUPER SESSIONSRESIDENTIAL HORSE CAMPS or TRAIL RIDING, click here. If you would like to see more about our other  YEAR ROUND TOURS, see our main page.  And check out our CABIN RENTALS

Cabin rentals near Algonquin Park. Trail Riding & Public Riding Stables. Horse Camps & Equestrian Programs near Algonquin Park, Ontario. Close to Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Orillia, Kingston & London.
Our farm outside Algonquin Park Ontario
Trail Riding & Public Riding Stables. Horse Camps & Equestrian Programs near Algonquin Park, Ontario. Close to Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Orillia, Kingston & London


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –  Henry Ford

Hoping to see you this summer, when we can look in the rearview mirror together – PENNY NICOL