May 21 & 22, 2022

Veggie starts, cut flowers, annuals, perennials, and more!

239 East Lake Road

Join us from 9am - 4 pm

And yes, like last year, we stay open until the last of the sale plants are gone – so you can drop in from 10 – 2 most days for the next two weeks or so, or, visit us at the farmers market in Maynooth, where we have a booth and bring plants every Saturday.  Bouquets too!


We love tomatoes!  Strong, healthy plants that have been VERY well hardened off to our cold and extreme temperature fluctuations.  We start them with some natural goodies in the soil so that your starts are in tip top shape.  So many varieties!  Have a look and plan ahead, it can be a little overwhelming to have so much choice on sale day! Cherries, Slicers, Early Varieties, in every color.  Even some dwarfs from the Dwarf Tomato Project, perfect for containers!

Paste Tomatoes

Ukrainian Purple
Jersey Devil
Plum Regal
Inciardi Paste

Large Colored Tomatoes (Slicers)

Brandywine Black
Black Beauty
Black Krim
Cherokee Purple
Chef’s Choice Orange
Chef’s Choice Yellow
Copa (yellow/red)
Big Pink Hybrid
Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Early Tomatoes (Red Slicers)
*Chosen for their reputation for earliness AND great flavor

Sub Arctic Plenty
Red Bounty

Micro Dwarf  (All Colors)
*Micro Dwarf tomatoes are under two foot, and are cherries developed by the Dwarf Tomato Project – perfect patio size, great for containers!

Fat Frog (green/yellow)
Geranium Kiss (red)

Cherry Tomatoes (All Colors)

Indigo Cherry Drops (pink/black)
Isis Candy (red/orange)
Black Strawberry (black/green/gold)
Sungold (orangey yellow)
Helsing Junction Blue (totally black)
Purple Bumble Bee (red with gold stripes)
Cappuccino (brown)
White Cherry (creamy white)
Black Cherry (purplish/brown)
Tropical Sunset (red/orange)

Grape/Plum Tomatoes

Brads Atomic Grape (green/gold/black)
Red Torch (red with gold stripes)
Blush (yellow/red)


Don’t ask me why I needed so many varieties. I just did, ok?  LOL.  There are many varieties, from container ‘dwarf” plants that produce tons of cukes in a small space, to the tried and true field type slicers to the thinner skinned burpless, and even some greenhouse cukes if you are up to the challenge. I would be happy to give you some pointers!  Some are spineless, early, or boast the best flavor.  Be sure and google some of these for details!

Pickling Cukes

National Pickling Cucumber
Earliest Mincu
Regal Hybrid
Lemon Cucumber 

Field Cucumbers/Slicer

Tasty Green
Lemon Cucumber 

Patio Sized/Slicer/Pickles
Spacemaster (does it all in a small package!)

Burpless (smaller with thinner skin/smaller seeds)
Beit Alpha

Greenhouse (limited avail.)


We love peppers and wanted to bring you a great selection!  We have everything from no heat to crazy heat!  A japalapeno is 8000 SHU (scoville heat units) so keep that in mind when planning your purchases. Early Jalapeno are slightly milder. Also, ‘Aji’ is pronounced AH – HEE, just so you know. And by the way, Habanada is a Habanero without the heat! Why?  Because hot peppers have AMAZING flavor, that’s why. If you can take the heat.  LOL.  Not me, I”m about a Joe Parker max….. Also make sure you google the use for some of the more oddball varieties – some are for making powder, so have a thin skin (easier to dry) and some are for snacking, etc.

Sweet Peppers 

Lunch Box Yellow
Yolo Wonder
California Wonder Yellow
Glow (orange)
Super Shepherd
Habanada (no heat Habanero)
Purple Beauty
Sweet Chocolate
Jimmy Nardiello

Mild Heat (Jalapeno is 8000 Scoville Units)

Biquinho Yellow Piquillo Pepper (500 – 1000)
Numex Joe Parker (500 – 2500)
Numex Big Jim (500 – 3000)
Ancho Molato  (2500 – 3000)
Early Jalapeno (2500 – 5000)
Hot Cherry Peppers (3000 – 5000)
Kampanaki (5000 – 8000)
Aji Little Finger Orange (5000 – 10,000)
Hungarian Hot Wax (1000 – 15,000)
Aji Lemon Drop (15,000 – 30,000)
Purple Serrrano (8000 – 22,000)
Aji Amarillo (30,000 – 50,000)
Ethipian Brown Barbere (30,000 – 50,000)
Urfa Biber (50,000 – 80,000)
Aji Mango (100,000 – 150,000)
Pink Habanero (325,000)


Pole Beans

We are on a mission!  I hate bending over to pick beans. But I hate the old lumpy/stringy pole beans. So I hunted down fourteen varieties that they SAY are stringless and ROUND podded. Join me this summer to find the best one! And at the very least, you will have plenty of beans and don’t have to bend over to get them lol  NOTE we will also have fresh picked bush beans Wyatt, Provider, and Andrin available at the farm stand in late summer


Blue Lake
Kentucky Wonder


Monte Gusto




Pumpkin & Winter Squash

Some you can eat, some just for jack o lanterns, and some that are a COOL WHITE color!  We have a few of each.  Quantities are limited!

Jack O Lantern Types Large and Small

Connecticut Field (orange)
Jack O Lantern (orange)
Lumina (White)
Polar Bear (White)
Casperita (Mini White)
Jack Be Little (Mini Orange)

Eating Pumpkins/Squash

Musquee de Provence
Baby Bear (Medium/small pie pumpking & a Dusky Orange)
Winter Luxury (creamy light orange)
Long Island Cheese (creamy peachy orange)
Jarrahdale (beautiful Blue)
Porcelain Doll (lovely dusty peach)
Black Futzu  (so ugly it’s beautiful)
Galeux D’Eysines (peach, and wierdly warty)
Butternut Squash (Waltham)
Orangetti (YES, it’s Spaghetti Squash but it’s Orange!)




Summer Squash

Sick of long skinny green zucchinis?  We have what you need to jazz up the summer fun! They taste and cook exactly like regular Zucchini, but are fun shapes and colors, and we have all of them! So try something new this year, they are just as delicious and a bit more fun!

Small Round Mini Zucchini

One Ball (yellow)
Eight Ball (dark Green)
Cue Ball (light green)
Piccolo (dark green and white stripe)

Scalloped Zucchini

Bennings Green Tint (light green)
White Bush Scallop (creamy white)
Yellow Bush Scallop (bright yellow)

Classic  Zucchini (in cool colors)

Zephyr (yellow w. green base)
Sunstripe (yellow w. white stripe)
Midnight (dark green/spineless/compact)
Tuscany (dark green & spineless)
Yellow Fin (yellow w. yellow stem)



Not that many usually try these seedlings, but we have had fantastic luck growing them! Some new varieties this year. One or two seedlings available if you would like to try growing them, I’d be happy to give you some tips! We picked up more ‘professional grower’ type seeds, so should be larger and sweeter with a better shelf life. The watermelon varieties we picked are seedless, but you take home a pollinator melon with them – so that is regular varieties, Yellow Baby, Sugar Baby, and Crimson Sweet – which you can also eat! (but have seeds)




Orange Crush
Harvest Moon
Yellow Baby
Sugar Baby
Crimson Sweet

Oddball Melons

Canary (Yellow & delicous!)
Orange Flesh Honeydew
Prescott Fond-Blanc 



Perennial Fruits

So excited to be able to offer these perennial fruits. If they sell well, we will offer more in the future.

Strawberries – Charlotte

These are everbearing, large and tasty berries!  They produced tons of fruit until well into October last year. And did I mention extremely cold hardy?  So cold hardy that I started these plants from runners last fall, left them out all winter in the row, and DIDN’T cover them. Zip zero nadda protection, except the snow.  They popped up this spring and took right off, even though they had to endure minus 18 this spring for three days without even any snow cover, as it had melted!  Charlotte throws out lots of runners, which you can root and expand your patch.  So if you buy one plant,  you’ll never be without berries again, even in crazy cold Maynooth.

High Bush Blueberry – Chandler

This gorgeous bush is hardy to zone 4, and produces the largest berries of all the varieties.  I will be happy to help with what you need to get these nice bushes established so you can enjoy some of your own berries!  They grow to about 7 foot tall, but you can prune for a smaller shape.  YUM, berries! Best of all, their leaves turn a rosy red in fall, so they can be a nice part of the landscape, too!

Odds & Sodds

They can’t really have their own category but I have some neat stuff I grew and you are welcome to what is left over from my plantings! The Dill is very limited and I didn’t do many herbs this year, but I have quite a few celery starts and lots of basil and lettuce.

Celery – Utah Tall
Genovese Basil  
Cinnamon Basil
Spicy Blue Basil
Dark Opal

Mammoth Long Island Dill
Fernleaf Dill
Bouquet Dill
Dukat Dill

Lettuce Bowls (mixed baby lettuce)
Lettuce Plugs (several varieties)



Bulbs & Started Pots

We have a few potted bulbs for you!  Some Ranunculus in pots, and 100 Lilies, which we will give the varieties below. Also some Dahlias and Calla Lilies. Lilies grow quite happily here and will perennialize, just plop them in and watch the show year after year. Callas can also be perennial for you but you need to put your pots in the basement and water occasionally over winter.  They do great the landscape in summer, or in a container.  Ranunculus corms & Dahlia Tubers can also be stored every year.

Calla Lily

Captain Promise
Mixed Colors (Picasso, black, orange, etc)
Captain Marrero

Apricot Fudge
Secret Kiss
Roseliily Anouska
Roselilly Sita

Ranunculus & Dahlia

Peony Mixed  Ranunculus
Evaline Dahlia (pictured above)
Darkside Cactus Dahlia
Tahiti Sunrise Dahlia
….and a few more!


Shade & Sun Hanging Baskets/Annuals

We grew these all from seed, starting them in the dead of winter. I think they turned out great! We picked the best quality seeds in unique colors and varieties that we could find. I would love to tell you all about why you don’t have to deadhead Milliflora/Wave Petunias (which is what the Proven Winners petunias are, but don’t tell them I told you) Here is a list of the annuals we have, some are in baskets already and some are in 4″ pots so you can make your own! NOTE: Fuseables are seeds that have multiple seed colors included in each plantable wax nugget – so you get the perfect mix. Very cool!


Joker Poker Face
Frizzle Sizzle Burgundy
Cool Wave Raspberry  (trailing variety in baskets)

Flash Forward Burgundy (Wave)
Purple Tie Dye (Wave)
Blueberry Lime Jam (Fuseable lime/purple Grandiflora)


Cracker Jack (Extra Large Orange 3′)
Yellow Treasure (Extra Large Yellow 2′)
Eskimo (White/Cream/Lime 20″ large)
Sparky Mix (fun little bedding dwarfs)
Strawberry Blonde (starts bright red and fades to Peach


Tuberous Begonia (Mango – tubers can be kept over)
Ganzania Clear Orange (the brightest vibrant orange!)
Black Dragon Coleus
Chocolate Covered Cherry Coleus
Premium Sun Lime Coleus (can take some sun!)
Premium Sun Pineapple Surprise Coleus
Polka Dot Plant (pink, red, white spotted)
Alyssum (pink and white)
Candy Showers (pink trailing snapdragon in baskets)
Bijou Mix Sweet Peas (dwarf trailing)
Night & Day Snapdragon (20″ burgundy & cream)
Geraniums (Hot Pink) 
Dusty Miller ‘New Look’
Lobelia Regatta Midnight Blue
Lobelia Regatta White
Dichondra Silver Falls
Helichrysum Silver Mist
Iceland & Shirley Poppies (limited supply)
Lisianthus (limited supply)



We grew most of our perennials from seed, but we also brought in some starts that are not available from seed.  Three to be exact!  We have a nice selection for you! I can almost GUARANTEE you ours will be more economical than the big box stores. 

Munstead Lavender
Rudbeckia Indian Summer
Cupids Dart
Echinacea Green Twister
Echinacea Wildberry Powow
Regal Red Fern
Salvatore Salvia
Yarrow Summer Berries
Yarrow Red Shades
Yarrow Colorado Mix



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