Highland Wilderness tours policies are all based on the understanding that as a small business, our service to our customers is first and foremost the priority.  These cancellation and damages policies are heavily influenced by the fact that there are limited spots on weekends, and so it is important that we stay on schedule.

The winter activities take place in WINTER.  It is expected that customers who are travelling to us take responsibility for arriving on time for tours, and thereby are responsible for taking weather into consideration when travelling.  If it is snowing, or the forecast is looking challenging, please be sure and come the night prior, or plan on extra travel time, as weather conditions will NOT be considered an acceptable reason to cancel your tour.

Our schedule means that each tour must leave on time, particularly if it is a mixed group.  Mixed groups that have latecomers will be held only for TEN minutes, as we cannot keep other tour members waiting who arrived on time.

If you are a group that has taken an entire tour spot, and you are late, your tour will be shortened to accommodate the late start.

Please understand that while we wish to respect the customer, our policies are very important to the successful running of this business so please be sure before you book.

If for some reason, HIGHLAND WILDERNESS TOURS cannot run the tour for you due to weather or other pertinent reasons, there will be no charges or other penalties to the customer (see gift certificate policies below)





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(for ALL gift certificates)

All gift certificates are payable by e transfer by the sender, or cash in special cases. Gifts are non refundable but are transferable.

If a person holding a gift certificate makes a booking, then cancels, our RESCHEDULE Fee of $50 per person plus tax will be charged to the holder of the gift certificate.

Last minute, frivolous, or repetitive cancellations will result in a gift certificate becoming void & non redeemable in any way.

A  weekend cancellation can only be rebooked on a weekday time slot, as one weekend spot has been appropriated by the gift.

Rescheduled tours are all subject to availability, and cannot be held over to future years, nor transferred to others without prior arrangements with HWT.

Please understand that while we wish to respect the customer, our policies are very important to the successful running of this business so please be sure before you book.

*It is VERY rare that we would cancel a tour.  In the event that Highland Wilderness Tours cannot run the tour due to weather conditions, gift certificate is still redeemable. The expiry date can be discussed at this time.

Winter guided tours need a minimum of two sleds to do a run.  Please be sure and check with the office about tour availability.  People wanting to go privately with one sled  join another group if available.



(December 15 – April 1)*
*Subject to snow conditions

An online deposit is required to book Tours

Minimum NON REFUNDABLE deposit is $100 plus 13% tax per machine.  Your deposit is paid at booking, and the balance is paid before the tour, by e transfer. Once you book your tour, it is your responsibility to make sure the tour is paid on time according to the notices you will be sent by email.  Failure to make the deadline for payments and waivers will result in tour cancellation with no refund.  Please be sure before you book.

Please arrive early enough to prepare yourselves in time for tours.  These are often mixed groups, and you don’t want to hold up other guests.

A signed Visa or Mastercard slip will be held as security for snowmobile damage.  One chit for each machine going on the tour is required. The snowmobile MUST be returned in the same condition it left. The client who signed the credit card stub is responsible for any damages to the snowmobile on tour. Credit Card Slip is destroyed when machine returns from tour without damage.


The 3 & 4 hr tour require a minimum of two sleds to run the tour.  The Two hour tour allows booking one machine, but you will be joinging a group of up to five machines. 

It is the responsibility of the client to drive with adequate care and caution during the tour, in order to avoid any damage to the machines or injuries to other guests. Enjoy yourself, but follow directions from the guide & drive carefully! All snowmobiles must come back in the condition they left.



It is the responsibility of the client to book tours in good faith. The following charges will be applied to the customers’ credit card, in the event of cancellation.

Rescheduled tours subject to a $50 administration fee per person (plus tax)

Reschedules will be subject to availability and cannot be held over to the next or subsequent years unless approved by the management.

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE in the event of a cancellation.  If you would like to rebook the tour, we require another deposit.

Last Minute Cancellations have a zero refund policy, and the entire fee is forfeit. With limited spaces available, especially on weekends, this is a critical operational policy.  

LATE ARRIVALS. We cannot hold tours for late arrivals.  Be on time, or you will not only not get your tour, but your fees are forfeit. Sorry, but most people arrive with plenty of time to prepare, and we cannot penalize those clients.


*In the event that Highland Wilderness Tours cannot run the tour due to weather conditions
you will be offered a rescheduling for the tour.  If that is not possible, all deposits or payments will be returned minus the Paypal transaction fee, if applicable.

*Please allow 14 – 21 days for refundone machine


(May 15 – November 1)
 *subject to trail conditions

 Customers may pay the deposit by going to our deposit page – the final payment is by e transfer request.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to ride time for orientation. All clients must sign a waiver, <18 are signed by parent or guardian. All clients must wear an ASTM certified helmet supplied by the barn. If you have an ASTM certified helmet, you are welcome to bring it. We do provide helmets for all rides. All clients must wear a hard soled shoe with min 1 in notched heel.  If you do not have your own, the stable will provide a tapadero for the stirrup for your safety.  Long pants, and shirts with a sleeve are strongly suggested for rides. Children must have at least one adult with them to ride.

Minimum age for unassisted trail riding is 10 and up.  In most cases,**6 – 9 year olds may be led on horseback by a mounted guide and participation of young children is at the discretion of management

It is the responsibility of the client to book rides in good faith, and show up at the required time. Clients must adhere to all signs on the property, and follow the direction of staff at all times, before, during and after riding. The client is responsible for his/her conduct, and must follow barn rules as posted and as instructed by staff and guides.

Ride Safe, Ride Smart, have fun!

Rescheduled tours – $50 administration fee (plus tax) per person subject to availability

Last Minute Cancellations
– Entire tour fee is forfeited –

Cancel with No Show, No Call
– Entire tour fee is forfeited –

Last minute cancellations on weekends and holidays – entire payment is forfeited.  The credit card of the client booking the ride will be debited the charges.

*In the event that Highland Wilderness Tours cannot run the tour due to weather conditions, no charges will be applied, and any deposits will be returned without penalty. 

*Please allow 14 – 21 days for refunds



Lessons are available year round in outdoor rings or our new Dome indoor arena. Initial lesson for all individuals must be a private lesson, for evaluation purposes. If purchasing a (discounted) package of lessons, each lesson runs once weekly. Pay as you go lessons available at the normal rate and used at discretion of customer.  Gift certificates are available – contact the Penny for details on this great gift idea! If a semi private is desired, but a group is not available, lesson runs at the group rate for 45 min.

*All lessons run rain or shine, check with the barn for lesson times

*Cancellation of package discount lessons, no refund on the missed lesson.