Australian Shepherds

family dogs of the highest quality possible

A LONG history in Dogs

Both Matt and Penny have a long history in breeding, showing, hunting, racing, and campaigning their dogs. Matt bred field bred Springer Spaniels in the 80's and 90's. Penny showed her Alaskan Malamutes under the 'POLESTAR' prefix across the USA & Canada over the same period with many Champions & Specialty winners to her credit. Showing dogs lends an appreciation for quality conformation and temperament. Hunting with field dogs forms an appreciation for function. Penny & Matt also raced their Alaskan sled dogs in the 90's with many top wins & placings. Truly, a love of dogs has been a part of their combined history. And our Australian Shepherds are bred with the same love and thoughtful attention to detail. We feel strongly that families shouldn't have to pay top prices for a family pet of the highest quality. We breed with families in mind!

The Moms

Our 35-40 lb girls are amazing, well mannered and fun female Aussies with a flair for life! They are great in the house, and will snooze at night while the family enjoys a peaceful evening. If you go outside, they are right there at your heels. Both have a strong herding instinct and have great conformation, nice coats, and lots of bone. Handsome and functional, we feel they are a great representation of the breed.

The Dad

Rusty is a gorgeous 50 lb Red Tri with beautiful copper cheeks. He loves his family, is fun loving, and lives to follow Matt around the farm. He is gentle with the puppies, and just the right amount of protective of his people. He loves people and his puppies are usually playful with gorgeous heads, tight feet, substantial bone, & plush coat. He really compliments the girls! And he's an amazing family pet.

Platinum Edition Highland Rustle


Cajun is our farm greeter. She is a petite 40 lb female and has lovely coat and conformation. She is a generous, playful girl, but so well behaved you barely notice she is there! Cajun is now spayed and enjoying life as a couch potato.
Milli is our most outgoing girl. She and Rusty are BFF's and play and torment each other.   She's very clever, and a gorgeous blue eyed red merle!  Big bone, lovely coat, & pretty blue eyes. Milli's pups always have lots of coat and bone, gorgeous!
Bibi is a wonderful, bratty, snuggly girl. Bibi means' BB (Bad Baby) because she was such a pest when she was little. But so cute, you can't help but snuggle her. Bibi is Registered & never lets the others forget.


Australian Shepherds are never boring! They come in a variety of colors. Have a look at these beauties, who are modelling their colors for you.  Every one of these dogs is owned, or was bred by us.  We love our Aussie colors! It’s hard to own only ONE Aussie!


Meet Buddy.  We miss this dog every day.  He was a gorgeous Red Tri  with minimal white.  He was the best dog we ever owned. He passed away in 2019 at age 16 yrs.  RIP Bud. We miss you.


Click here for a cute video of our dogs……

2024 Litters

Bibi x Rusty

Milli x Dash

Beautiful Blue Merle out of Cajun and by a Black Tri (Buster) in 2018

Bibi x Rusty puppies

Here are some images of this year’s litter. 

Bibi (Blue Merle) and Rusty (Red Tri) have blessed us with a beautiful litter. Rusty is a gorgeous, sweet-natured boy, and Bibi is a snuggly blue merle female. Both of these lovely Aussies are registered, however, we did not pursue registration this year to keep expenses down for our new owners. The blue merle puppy is a female, the small black tri with the white face is a female, and the rest are boys. All of these puppies are very high quality, with fabulous temperaments. We would love to show you more images of these beauties, so if you see one you like, drop me a line at and I will send more photos.

We can also add you to our group on Facebook where you can see others we have bred, and enjoy some videos.


Milli x Dash puppies

Here are some images from this year’s litter.

(Poor Dash. I need to get him a picture without antlers, lol)

Milli (red merle) and Dash (black tri) always throw stunning, heavily boned, and lovely coated puppies. Both parents are very versatile dogs with plenty of smarts. Dash is a sweetie who will go home with anyone, and Milli will warm your lap and catch a treat at Mach One. The puppies are very high quality and consistent, with lovely dispositions. There is one red merle female, one blue merle female, and the rest are boys. We would love to show you more images of these beauties, so if you are interested, drop me a note for plenty of images of each pup. 

We can also add you to our group on Facebook where you can see others we have bred, and enjoy some videos.